Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Garden update

I figure I may as well share garden updates!  Even if no one else reads this, it's fun for me to go back and look at the progress!
Lots of growing going on this week.  I swear come fall, the patio will be nothing but a big, huge pumpkin plant!  I pulled the peas out this past weekend.  They were pretty well done, as the plants had started to wither.  That, and there was some sort of bug infestation on them and I didn't want it spreading to the rest of the garden!
I have another round of strawberries growing again!  I think I counted about a dozen the other day, and there's more flowers on the plants today!
The flowers that the boy wanted to plant are finally starting to flower!  I wish I could remember for the life of me what they are though!
I have 2 cucumbers, and I think this one is just about ready to harvest.
When I pulled the peas out, I moved the watermelon vines to where they were growing.  I have no idea how big the watermelons are going to get, but it's sure fun to watch them grow!
In addition to the garden, we also have a ton of blackberry bushes growing on the other side of the fence in the back yard.  I hate the yearly battle with them to keep them from taking over, but I sure do love the berries!  I've already made a cobbler out of the harvest, and it turned out pretty good!  I love browsing allrecipes.com for recipe inspiration!  Well, that and pinterest!
Not only do we have a ton of blackberry bushes, but we also have an apple tree in our backyard.  I think it's a braeburn apple tree, but I don't know for sure.  All I know is that it is completely LOADED with apples this year!  One of these days I'm going to have to figure out how to prune the thing.  Looks like I'll be running the dehydrator for a few days making apple chips here in another couple months.
That's it for my garden update this week!  Stay tuned for another update (hopefully) next week!

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